Samsung new patent is a hybrid of smartphone and a tablet

When Lenovo first launch the Yoga series notebook many years ago, the laptop has a special feature that allows the both part to be flipped to become a tablet. This become an initiator of the tablet-laptop hybrid trend that some of the manufacturer has been producing laptops that are interconvertable to tablets.

However, this time Samsung has announced their new patent which allows a tablet to be interconverted into a smartphone. The tablet can be folded and flipped into 3 parts which allows it to merged into a single tiny device just like a phablet. Once all 3 parts are unravelled, this device act as a tablet again!

Since this device is naturally to be folded into single layout, there will be 3 seperated display among the device. It is also stated that this tablet-smartphone hybrid will comes with a camera on the rear and a curved display on the front! Looks like this shouldn’t be an issue with the Samsung latest curved display.

Source: Tgbus