Samsung new Pro+ & Evo+ microSD – exceptional performance for 4K recording

If you have a strong interest and passion in photography and video recording, these following gadgets are one of the item that you can’t neglect. With the advancement in mobile and hardware video recording, 4K’s video are no longer a rarity. Instead, more mobile phones and DVR are able to support 4K video recording that retain the highest video quality possible. However, when it comes to memory read/write speed and storage volume, normal microSD could suffer terribly due to lack of the capability to record high volume of data at a short period of time.

Hence, Samsung has announced the new microSD named Pro+ and Evo+. Both cards comes with 90MB/s to 95MB/s read write speed that is capable of recording 4K videos without any issues. The Pro+ microSD cards comes with 32GB and 64GB variants that suits different needs.

The Evo+ was marketed more towards public and causual photographers. This card offers 80MB/s and 20MB/s read write speed and comes with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants. These read write speed is sufficient in recording and playing 4K videos on mobile or any other media devices.

Besides, both card offer significant amount of resistance towards natural forces. For example, both card work well under -25 Celsius to 80 Celcius and comes with water resistance up to 72 hours in water with high salt concentration.

Both cards will be available in Malaysia within this month. Stay tuned for Zing Gadget for more information.