Samsung S Charge+ proves 0 – 100% recharge in less than 20 mins!

The Meizu Super mCharge is one of the major highlight at Mobile World Congress this year. This new charging technology proves that it is possible to recharge a 3000mAh battery from 0% within 20 minutes, a technology based on 11V/5A high voltage quickcharging method to achieve 5x quicker than standard charger. However, Meizu express that the mass production of such superchargers is not feasible, despite possible, due to the high cost of manufacturing and the production of such high power charging adapter.

Meanwhile, a new leak shows the breakthrough of new Samsung quickcharging technology. The new Samsung Galaxy S Charge+ shown that it is possible to perform a full recharge the Galaxy super battery cell+ in less than 20 minutes!

While both charging technology has not been compared side by side, both quickcharging technology could be achieved through similar method with 55W power input.

20分钟充满!三星S Charge+超级快充曝光:快到吓人


Since the Galaxy S8 charging adapter (15W) is shown to be similar with Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s, would this technology be introduced to the public on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8?


Source : 快科技