Samsung showcases new 14nm FinFET architecture for 144MP camera support

A 108MP camera smartphone may have become a norm with first shown in Mix Alpha, followed by Xiaomi CC9 Pro. The 108MP camera makes it the first camera smartphone ranked by DxOMark and it is the most powerful camera smartphone from Xiaomi since.

After 108MP, Samsung has introduced 144MP lens. In the IEEE International Electron Device Metting (IEDM) 2019, Samsung has showcases 14nm FinFET architecture which is capable to support 144MP camera.

The 14nm FinFET increases the Nit density  by 40%. The power consumption is expected to reduce with this technology.

Lastly, a 144MP camera is likely to be featured on a smartphone from 2020 onward. There could even be a 200MP market in the coming time.