The New Samsung SMART Printer MX4 packs with tons of functionality

Recently our editorial staff has attended the launch event of the Samsung Smart Printer MX4. During their introduction of the printer, we’re amazed that this printer has multiple functionality as well as the retail price which is similar as a Perodua Myvi. How does this printer impress us? Let’s find it out!

This printer comes with a 10 inch display that act as center control of all printer settings. The Samsung SMART Printer MX4 is capable of printing documents without command from personal computer. Besides, this printer also comes with lots of customization and can be controlled from any Samsung Galaxy devices. Apart from NFC, this printer can be controlled for remote printing via Smart MultiXpress series MFPs, Samsung Cloud Print as well as other cloud printing services.

Here a the list of model with its respective price.

SL-K4250RX/XSS   RM24250

SL-K4300LX/XSS   RM30000

SL-K4350LX/XSS   RM36250

SL-X4220RX/XSS   RM37500

SL-X4250LX/XSS   RM42500

SL-X4300LX/XSS   RM47500

SL-M4580FX/XSS   RM6499

SL-M4370LX/XSS   RM7199

SL-M5370LX/XSS   RM8899

Did any executives would like to get this in your office?


Author: Noel.leng