Samsung to mass manufacture 64MP GW1 lens later this year

With the smartphone’s camera getting more advanced over time, Samsung has since then launching a 48MP camera with collaboration from Sony. This time, Samsung is now marching towards the mass manufacturing of 64MP camera for smartphones!

Recently, Samsung has officially launched a ISOCELL Bright GW1 image sensors with pixel density at 64MP, GW1 pixel density at 0.8um and brings the same Tetrace technology from the previous 48MP GM1.

The GW1 sensors offers high dynamic range which supports up to 100DB HDR (in contrast wit conventional 60DB). The colour will appears much visually similar to human eyes as a normal human eyes can detect 120DB of dynamic range.

Furthermore, it also supports DCG technology for better light balancing with SuperPD autofocus technology for FHD 480fps video recording.

Apart from 64MP GW1 sensor, Samsung also launched a new 48MP GM2 sensor which shares the same technology from the GM1. Both sensors are expected to mass manufacture later this year.