Samsung unveils new mobile technology with Sound-on Display

The innovation and technology advancement on the smartphone has become pretty significant with the introduction of new concepts and workable solution. From the day the bezels were resized and removed to the day that fingerprint can be recognized by tapping on the display, smartphones has been improving time over time and nothing gets stopped in the middle.

LG and Samsung has been tapped on the development of Sound-on Display like features especially during the introduction of Crystal Sound OLED at CES 2017. Despite being a concept and a prototype, sound emission via display is now possible as Samsung unveils the new Sound-on display technology at Display Week 2018 held by Society of Information Display.

According to Korean media ET news, Samsung Sound-on Display can now be applied on 6.2 inches AMOLED display and that relies on screen vibration to emit 100Hz to 8000Hz sound frequency. When concerning on the privacy of user, these sound can only be heard when ears are tapped on the display.

三星展示SoD螢幕發聲技術 傳Galaxy S10可能採用

This technology is likely to be featured in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 if the development has matured and come to an end.

三星展示SoD螢幕發聲技術 傳Galaxy S10可能採用

Lastly, Samsung also introduces a new Aqua force sensor display technology so that waterproof devices can be controlled flawlessly when soaked under water.

Source : SogiTW