Samsung upgrades front facing camera for the next Galaxy flagship

Samsung has been focusing on the development of its rear camera on each flagship in each launch. For example, the rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge did a fair good job in beating iPhone 6s when it comes to details and autofocus time and it is equipped with the state of the art Sony IMX sensor. However, its front camera for most flagships are stuck at the same specs, usually with a 5MP resolution camera and nothing much to offer.

Competitor smartphones like OPPO, Huawei has released new smartphones that comes with decent front selfie camera that takes high resolution images and some even comes with front LED flash for greater selfie at night. In order not to lose its potential customer who enjoy taking self portraits, Samsung will improves its front camera on the new Galaxy flagship – the Galaxy S8.

SAMSUNG S8 edge長這樣?概念模擬圖曝光

The new camera resolution is expected to go as high as 8MP with the support of autofocus. Although autofocus in front facing camera isn’t some new technology in smartphones today, it’s better late than never.

Source : 驱动之家