Samsung’s Wireless Audio 360 R7 is perfect for all

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Perfect, in this case I mean perfect for all sorts of things – for music, for movies, for the living room, for a large closed-space auditorium, all sorts of things.

I’m not joking too – the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R7 features Samsung’s very own ring radiator technology that distributes sound evenly across all directions. This will of course have the sound propagating across all the areas in the room to be filled with rich, crisp sound.

Wireless Audio - 360 - Product

The name might have suggests the connectivity of this speaker is through Bluetooth, but no – the speaker uses WiFi, and controlled using Samsung’s Wireless Audio-Multiroom app. Of course, this is the same app used to control the TV and/or soundbar.

The Multiroom app not only allows control of music, but can also allow it to stream through music services, including Spotify and Deezer.

The Wireless Audio 360 R7 is available in white colour for now and is priced at RM2,199 with 6% GST included.


Kok Kee

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