Say NO to clickbait on your Facebook News Feed!

While it is a norm for unworthy articles with an inappropriate “clickbait” like article present in your newsfeed, you might feel such article tittles are distracting and not worthy to exist on your Facebook news feed. Hence, Facebook has finally making a big change to its News Feed algorithm where you preferred news will appears on top of you news feed when you sign onto Facebook next time.


With the increasing page numbers that a user ‘liked’ per day, Facebook is struggling to manage to deliver equal content into your new feed. However, Facebook will make your news feed first filled with articles that you interested and page you commonly visit (or even suggested advertisement) into your Facebook news feed before you have a chance to read those clickbaity articles. It is all done by a special algorithm that records your favourite page and news preference (articles you click, page you read, like and share) and yours favourite will soon be appear on the top of the headline.

No more worries on losing your friends or favourite page updates on your Facebook feed today!