Seagate: 16TB HAMR hard disk drive is here!

The rise of rapid storage solution from SSD has impacted the PC and notebook users over the use of conventional harddrive, but nothing beats the price per storage and the stability offered in these traditional storage solutions. While Seagate has been focusin on the development of high capacity disk drives for server and large scale storage, it requires a new technology to store vast amount of information inside a conventional harddrive.

The Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) is a promising approach for enabling large increases in the storage density of hard disk drives. A laser is used to momentarily heat the recording area of the medium to reduce its coercivity below that of the applied magnetic field from the recording head. This technology involves new recording physics, new approaches to near field optics, a recording head that integrates optics and magnetics, new recording materials, lubricants that can withstand extremely high temperatures, and new approaches to the recording channel design.

希捷大爆发:16TB HAMR机械盘来了!容量春天

With the increasing demand for conventional hard drives, they will be announcing their 16TB hard disk shortly and the 12TB hard drive is expected to launched in Q4 this year. Meanwhile, the 18TB hard drive is currently under development and expected to launch by next year.

These PMR harddrives promises 2.5 million hours of zero error rate with 5 years warranty on the product. Besides, it also consumes 21% less energy and increase storage efficiency by 20%.

希捷大爆发:16TB HAMR机械盘来了!容量春天


With the implementation of HAMR technology, it is now possible to store 5 terabytes per square inches. The 16TB hard drive is expected to be announced by 2018.