Shopee announces 12% coins cashback when you purchase RM25 and above on 1st February!

Shopee has announced that they will be providing twice of fun during the ShopeePay Day on 1st February 2022 where you can get up to 12% cash back when you purchase RM25 and above.

In addition, users can checkout ShopeePay limited-time offers from merchants such as Family Mart, Giant, KK Super Mart, Lotus’s, MR.DIY, Blackwhale, MyNews, etc. through ShopeePay Near Me to enjoy the rewards of gold rebates. At the same time, new ShopeePay users will also have the opportunity to receive RM 3 coupons from merchants such as KFC, A&W, Eco Shop and 7-11 when you activate ShopeePay and pay.

Besides, you will stand a chance to win up to 88,888 Shopee Coins when you top up their ShopeePay e-wallet with at least RM 30 on 1st February. There is a chance to win up to 8,888 Shopee Coins when you transfer money through e-Ang Pow.

ShopeeFood celebrates the Year of the Tiger with Malaysians with mouth-watering delicacies, in addition to free door-to-door delivery when checking out with ShopeePay at ShopeeFood, users can also order from a variety of ShopeeFood including Tiger Sugar, Lim Fried Chicken and Salad Atelier Merchants get all-day discount coupons of RM3 and RM8 with minimum spend of RM8 and RM18 respectively.