Smartphone overheating? Here’s how to solve it


In today smartphone market, most flagship smartphone (and even non-flagships) faced a similar challenges that smartphone manufacturer scratches their head all the time. Since mobile processor that promises performance doesn’t always comes with high power efficiency (just like Qualcomm Snapdragon 810), overheating could be a common issue even if you just put your smartphone in idle in your pocket. However, we have 5 great tips on avoiding smartphone overheating when on load and idle!

Step 1: Avoid using phone under high temperature environment

Singapore and Malaysia is strategically located near the equator of the earth where we lives in 24/7 summer. It is advisable not to use smartphones under high temperature environment such as under the sun.

Avoid exposing your smartphone under sunlight!

Using our smartphone as navigation tool may be a very useful application, but keep the smartphone lit at all time with GPS and data turning on, along with the full-lit display makes the devices extremely hot and vulnerable to hardware damage. Ask a passenger to hold the smartphone for you while you navigate through the road!

Step 2: Clean all ports and earphone jack regularly

After a long period of usage, we might not notice that dust will be slowly accumulating the ports and the audio jack. It is advisable for us to clean these port regularly as these dirt will results in hardware failure and overload the smartphone.

Placing you smartphone in your pocket also enhance the chance of dirt accumulating and same goes to operating smartphone in a dusty environment for a long period of time.

Step 3: Avoid using smartphone at low cellular signal area

When smartphone has entered a location with extremely weak cellular broadcast signal, the smartphone itself will tried it best to search for any available cellular network present around it. You may also turn off the GPS, Wifi and Data transfer while you are in a remote area. Apart from avoiding overheating, you also saves up great amount of battery!


Step 4: Do not attempt to play mobile games while charging smartphone

Addicted to Clash of Clans? Candy Crush? Pirate Island? or just WeChat? We DO NOT encourage you to use your smartphone when the battery is recharging. This cause unnecessary built up of heat from the power source and the battery in order to supply the current to load the game that you like to play. In long run, the battery will has a lower life and fails easily.


Step 5 (Advanced user only): Underclocking your processor

If you are an Android geek which already rooted your phone, customized everything based on your preference but still find overheating as an issue, you can try underclocking your mobile processor maximum clock rate to an acceptable level without crashing the system. Although underclocking sacrifes performance, it does saves you some amount of battery which allow you to use long.

Zing Gadget is not responsible for burned device or device that failed to start up after root-level customization. Do it at your own risk.