Smartphone price compared! The aftermath of GST on smartphone industry

Malaysia government has previously announced that goods and service tax will be implemented into electronics gadget starting from 1st of April 2015. Although it has been almost a week after the GST implemented into a variety of products, consumers still faced some trouble whether the product is legally charged from GST. The implementation of GST also raised several price of products which includes electronic gadget such as smartphone. However, certain smartphone manufacturer has lowered down the price of some model after GST. Let’s compare the price of selected smartphone before and after GST!

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Here a the price comparison of smartphone before and after GST


Brand Model Price before GST Price after GST
Apple iPhone 6 (16GB) RM 2549 RM 2702
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) RM 2949 RM 3126
Huawei Mate 7 RM 1799 RM 1899
Mate 7 Gold RM 1999 RM 2199
Oppo R5 RM 1798 RM 1598
Vivo Xplay 3S RM 1899 RM 1699
Y28 RM 899 RM 699
Y22 RM 659 RM 599
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G RM 589 RM 625
  •  The Apple iPhone 6 comes with attractive features and specification. However with high price range around RM3000, GST implementation and further price hike could reduce one desire to own it.
  • Lenovo and Samsung has make adjustment according to GST.
  • Except those 3 listed above, other Vivo smartphone remains the same retail price.
  • Apart from Redmi Note 4G, other Xiaomi smartphone remains the same retail price.
  • Meizu also has make some amendment in the retail price but promises will provide free gifts and promotion for its customer.

Hopefully after reading this you will get some ideas and clue of the price adjustment of smartphones on pre and post-GST implementation. Although initial implementation of GST is a havoc, we hope that the smartphone and other electronic gadget price will stabilized in few weeks time.


Original Author: Noel.leng