Sony gave photo lovers a taste of Alpha Workshop

It was a weekend getaway for Sony lovers as they experienced the Sony Alpha Workshop which gave them an experience of a lifetime. Annually organized by Sony Malaysia, the workshop covers much practical skills and sharing by photography experts. Taken place at the Bayu Marina Resort in Johor Bahru, the two day expenditure attracted almost 200 participants from all over Malaysia and some from Singapore.



The opening ceremony was glazed by the words of Mr. Hideyuki Wada, the General Manager of Sony Malaysia


Participants were then separated into groups as they venture into different categories of photography segments, ranging from indoor bokeh and powder photography to the outdoors of modeling photography. Each categories of workshop is well equipped with instructors that are more than willing to share along the tips and tricks for the perfect photography. That for us, gave us an assurance that the long trip to Johor was a fruitful one. We are sure the other Sony faithful feel the same too.


DSC01751Participants being briefed during the powder photography segment


DSC01986Candle effects are being shown for that bokeh touch


DSC01762The outdoor session was not short with the participants’ appetite to master the ever changing outdoor lighting


We were then given a glimpse of wedding photography during night time as more knowledge were shared on capturing the perfect moment for wedding couples. For me personally, I may regret for not bringing my camera flash for this. I kinda envy those Sony dudes with mega lenses and flash around… Nevertheless, let’s get some cool shots eh?


1They may be just models, but man they look lovely in this

While I was hungry, I decided to ignore my growling stomach and switched my attention to the Sony ɑ99 II (kudos to Sony for loaning us a camera!) worked it’s magic on its slow shutter Boy I wasn’t disappoint.


2Ladies and gentleman, the Sony ɑ99 II – breathtaking


The workshop not only opened my eyes to the wonders of Sony cameras, but allowed me to see through the expression of other photographers too, especially the instructors. I personally felt that through I am not a Sony dude myself, the knowledge shared throughout gave me a feeling that I am a member of this Sony family. Who knows? I may gear myself up for the next workshop next year! Thanks Sony Malaysia for the invitation!

DSC01876See you folks next year!