Sony sent out invites for MWC 2019 for the launch of Xperia XZ4?

After the CES 2019 has ended, many has now prepared for the Mobile World Congress this year which will be happening at Barcelona on 25th February 2019. Meanwhile, Sony Mobile has sent out official invites to Russian & Italian partners for an event happening on the 25th February 8.30am (1530 GMT+8 Malaysia time).

From all available information about this launch, Sony could bring the new Xperia XZ4 series, Xperia XA3 series, L3 series and more.

Given the newest leaked image, it shows that the XZ4 and XZ4 Premium brings the nostalgic dual rear camera from XZ2 and a triple camera built respectively. Rumors also suggested that the XZ4 has a display sized at 6.5 inches while the XZ4 Premium has a 4K resolution with Snapdragon 855 SoC from Qualcomm, 256GB and 3900mAh battery.