Sony Xperia Z5+ features overkill 4K display up to 801ppi!


In the highly competitive smartphone market today, most smartphone manufacturers offers 1080p to 2K QHD display on their smartphone in able to catch the customers attention. Sony meanwhile remains conservative on the display resolution of their smartphone which is oftenly capped at Full HD. This time, the upcoming Sony Xperia X5+ could offers a new overkill feature – a 4K Ultra HD display with display density at 801 ppi!


Based on UAProf from PhoneArena, the new Sony smartphone E68XX, the sheet indicates the resolution of the display up to  2160 x 3840 which blows competitor smartphone display out of the water. It is speculated that the Z5+ is probably powered by the Snapdragon 810 (or 820 perhaps) which could only cope with such blazing display. However, is the 4K display feasible to battery and processor?

For now, the 4K rumor of the Sony Xperia Z5+ should be not taken too seriously as we wait for the truth to be told by Sony officials. However, do you have a desire for a 4K smartphone in reality?


Source: Xperia Blog, PhoneArena