Speedtest benchmark on Malaysia’s mobile network drop to 98th rank globally

With the recent evaluation of mobile network performance on April 2020, the newest report from Speedtest has compiled mobile network speed in which Malaysia mobile network in general has dropped 5 place to 98th to its global rank. However, the fixed broadband ranking was up by 1 place to 38th.

Speedtest 1

The average mobile network download speed on April 2020 is at 18Mbps with upload at 9.24Mbps. As for the fixed broadband, the average download speed is at 79.8Mbps at upload at 48.6Mbps thus rising 1 rank upwards.

The top three leading countries on mobile network are South Korea, Qatar and Singapore. As for fixed broadband, Singapore, Hong Kong both remain on the same spot while Thailand has raised by 1 rank placing it on 3rd rank.

The April 2020 shows that Asia still performs better in mobile network speed in general as it fills in much of the top 10th places.