Studies shows that iPhone does not top the list in customer satisfaction

A recent survey has been conducted by The American Customer Satisfaction Index that research on the customer satisfaction and enjoyment when using a particular smartphone. After few months of surveying, the result were published online. Turns out, this time Apple iPhone 6 does not top the list of the best customer satisfaction smartphone in year 2015.

Based on the result above, it was observed that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3 took the crown and runner up position with ACSI score at 86 and 82 respectively. The most-welcomed iPhone 6 Plus receives ACSI score at 82 marks which is similar with the satisfaction value as the Galaxy Note 3.

However, there is no way we can see that the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge was featured onto this list. This is likely due to the smartphone is freshly introduced into the market and has yet receive adequate amount of the response prior judgment. It is also an obvious trend that Apple’s iPhone receive great amount of response and customer satisfaction even its few year old iPhone 4. Apart from Apple and Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola also fall into the list of the smartphone that provides a good user experience to the customer.


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