Stylish and Metallic Bluetooth Headphone – iLike LE103 Review

When talking about bluetooth headphone, most audiophile will commonly reject this type of headphone due to unsatisfactory sound quality. However, using it as a casual headphone could be not economic feasible while being impractical. Besides, a good Bluetooth headphone with exceptional audio quality and affordable price tag is not likely to found on current market. Hence today we will be reviewing the iLike LE103 Bluetooth headset in terms of audio quality and its design. 

Let’s look at the specification sheet of the iLike LE103

Type Bluetooth Headphone
Model LE103
Bluetooth Version  V4.0+EDR
Profile  A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Range 10米
Battery capacity  290 MAH
Charging time  3小时
Charging rate 100MA
Usage time 8小时
Driver size Φ 40 mm
Sensitivity 105dB/1mW ( S.P.L at 1KHz)
Resistance 32  Ω
Frequency  20Hz-20KHz
Output voltage 10mW
Highest voltage 20mW

The iLike LE103 Bluetooth headphone was packed inside a simple black paper box that indicates the product is a Full-metallic bluetooth headphone. This headphone is currently officially retailed under OPPO Malaysia.

Surprisingly, the box and the headphones appears as a smiling face. Looks like iLike has been making effort in creating this special box design that makes the headphone appeared as a smiling face.

Here comes our headphone! Our review model has a silver paintjob.

The main material in the iLike headphone aluminium alloy which has been processed before attached with the audio driver and speaker. The metallic material surrounding the cover is cut via computer controlled cutting machine to precise level which provides a sense of elegant and looks artistic. Besides, the aluminum alloy is fairly lightweight and it doesn’t cause tension on ear after long period of use.

The aluminium housing also has been polished to provide a shiny and reflective surfaces. Does it look beautiful?

The headband and the ear cushions is made up from leather-like texture and feels soft and comfortable. Although the headband appears flexible, we could still felt the strong clamping force from the headband after long period of usage.

Several buttons were also located on the left headphone. Those includes volume rocker, Bluetooth/Power button and micro USB charging port.  The Power button on the left appears also designed to be larger to avoid pressing the wrong button. Long pressing the volume rocker allows switching between different music. However, the charging port appears dull and with over simplistic. The LED indicator  and noise cancellation microphone is also located beside the charging port on the left headphone housing. Apart from enjoying music, iLike LE103 can also be used as wireless microphone during voice call.

The Bluetooth Headphone iLike LE103 comes with V4.0+EDR and has continuous playing time around 7 to 8 hours. With effective range at 10meter, sound quality remains constant when the headphone is located within the range. Although noise isolation was not highly expected in on-ear headphones, iLike LE103 still provides satisfactory noise isolation during our test

iLike LE103 uses 40mm audio driver with sensitivity at 105db. In terms of audio quality, this headset has good bass playback as the bass does not appear too chesty. Suprisingly, this headphone does produce good treble and clarity with accurate reproduction of the original voice. The sound is also appears delicate and crisp in high pitched audio. In short, this headphone is better in playing warmer audio which is not too bassy.



iLike LE103 is a Bluetooth Headphone that is precisely crafted and appears metallic and stylish. Although the design of the headphone is highly conventional, this bluetooth headphone performs greater in the range of entry-level headphones. However, the comfortability can be improved with better headband material and design in future.


Author: JS Yip