Surf Facebook without data restriction with UMobile App-Onz!

What is it be like to scroll Facebook endlessly without worrying on mobile data quota depletion? Soon after the launch of music-onz, video-onz, game-onz, U Mobile has a new unlimited app surfing service – App-onz to its prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Yes, you can finally surf Facebook and watch videos without counting on your allocated data!

U Mobile Prepaid:

The U Mobile Unlimited Power package is the first prepaid package to come with unlimited Facebook, Instagram and Twitter services. The prepaid plan also comes with 200MB quota valid for 10 days with call rate at 12 cents per 30 seconds. It also comes with free 300 min call to all U Mobile numbers per month. What’s more, it is only priced at RM8.50 which includes RM5 credit.

This plan will be available by 17th Feb onward.

U Mobile Postpaid:

As for U Mobile postpaid (U28, P50, P70, P98), the App-Onz service will be activated by 17th Feb to 25 Feb. This service will be automatically available for new subscriber upon registering.


Learn more at UMobile official website