The average Malaysian network ranked 66th globally at 8.2Mbps!

Currently, there aren’t much choice when you select an internet service provider when it comes to local home/office network in Malaysia. While the majority of Malaysian household internet access is mostly provided by a government linked internet service provider, there are often complains of poor connectivity,unmet desired speed and other connection issues reported from its consumer. But is the Malaysia network as bad as we think?

The Akamai latest report on network connectivity shows that South Korea tops the chart with the fastest average network speed. Meanwhile, Malaysia is ranked 66th globally for its average network speed at 8.2Mbps. The average network speed has advanced 8 countries from last year. That weren’t so bad, does it?



Besides, there are 27% of Malaysian network user able to enjoy network speed above 10Mbps, which has drastically improved by 397% in 2015. Despite Malaysian is ranked average in globally, the average network speed doesn’t seems as bad as it is.

One thing to note is that this report does not address the high speed network coverage as suburb still suffers from lack of high-speed internet choices.

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