The China-exclusive Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is coming to Malaysia

The Galaxy C9 Pro is a Samsung branded mid-range smartphone offering decent performance and exclusively available in China for past few months. However, Samsung could be upgrade its RAM capacity to 6GB and making it smartphone available in certain Asia countries which includes Malaysia. 

The C9 Pro and its C series is long known to be exclusively available for China consumer but not others. However, Samsung has make a decision to make the C series mid-range available in other countries which includes Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Vietnam. Despite this claim has been verified, there is no exact launch and availability dates for these smartphone.

Concerns on its pricing, the C9 pro is currently priced at RMB3199 and if Samsung has decided to upgrade its hardware such as the addition of 6GB RAM, we could expect the pricing to go higher.

Source : SamMobile