The fastest and widest 4G coverage telco in Malaysia is now revealed!

One of the company that is specialized in wireless coverage mapping based on crowd data collection, OpenSignal has released report on the fastest and the widest 4G network telcos in Malaysia. According to their report, the U Mobile has shown to be the fastest 4G and 3G network provider in general while Maxis has the widest 4G LTE network throughout Malaysia.





This report is based on the collection of user statistics from 21109 users that uses mobile data during December 1st 2015 to February 29th this year. There are around than 40 millions reports received and the data has show that Maxis has over 70% of its users is able to connect to 4G LTE network while other telco has 58% of its total users on their 4G netowrk.

The average download speed for the Maxis (2G/3G/4G) is at 5.2Mbps which is the highest among all while U Mobile is placed the second at 4.73Mbps and Digi and Celcom placed subsequently.

In terms of 4G LTE network connection speed, U Mobile has the fastest transfer rate at 13.8Mbps average which is higher than Maxis at 13Mbps, while Digi serves 12.44Mbps average and Celcom comes last with average speed at 9.94Mbps.

In terms of 3G connection, U Mobile are placed first at 3.26Mbps while DiGi and Maxis placed second and third at 2.74 and 2.55Mbps respectively. Celcom are placed the last among 4 with a connection speed at 2.4Mbps.

Now you may have a clearer idea on which telco to select that fits on your mobile network demands and budget!

Source : malaysianwireless