The Microsoft Surface Book is a new competitor for MacBook Pro

Microsoft is well known of its operating system and the word processor that near 90% of the Windows PC users are using it day by day. Their tablet is also well known from the portability of the Surface tablet provided without sacrificing the tablet performance to run Windows application in a handheld tablet. This time, Microsoft has revealed their first notebook – the Surface Book. How special is it? Let’s have a quick look in the video below.

The Surface Book appears to be a conventional foldable notebook at first, but turns out the display is detachable and thus making it a tablet! The keyboard also offers short distance travel up to 1.6mm and the whole thing is powered by Intel i5/i7 Skylake processor. Microsoft claims that this note book will be the best 13 inches laptop in the world.








It will be priced at USD $1499 which is roughly RM6000.





A detachable keyboard and display has redefine the term “portability”. Looks like Microsoft has did a pretty job this time.