The new AI software “Viv” is much more smarter than Siri

While everyone is comfortably relying on the smartphone voice assistance such as Siri or Google Now for a simple task, the duty of these software carries are usually limited by how much “intellect” does the software programmer added into their AI software. However, these voice assistant such as Siri will soon be outdated from the consumer market and replaced by a new artificial intelligence program known as “Viv”. Viv can automatically analyse user phrases and terms to provide high specific answer depends what the user needs. 



The Siri and Viv are linked brothers as both are originated from Viv Labs. While Siri mainly focused on the voice recognition based on complex algorithm, the Viv software is much more focused on deciphering the user request or message and thus providing the best answer possible.

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During the TechCrunch demo, Vivo is shown to provide a smart and specific data based on keywords detected from user phrases. It uses the Dynamic Program Generation technology that establishes possible and suitable answer based on comparison from multiple source. Viv is like writing itself a new piece of code that could be implement further. How noble is that?!initpintu_副本


Watch the demo here:

Source : engadget