The new Google Pixel XL 2 leaked with new design with Edge-Sense alike feature

It is pretty much confirmed that Google has throw their next Pixel project to LG for the design and manufacturing of the Google Pixel XL 2. LG has make Google popular when the first Nexus 5 launched internationally, a smartphone packed with a sleek design, high performance hardware and a consumer friendly budget. Today, Android Police has leaked out a new design of the new Google Pixel XL 2 and it’s pure gorgeous.


The new Pixel XL 2 has zero resemblance of their previous Pixel design but it brings out an emphasis of the Galaxy S8 looks: large display, thin bezels and a lengthy smartphone. It is rumored to come with a phone sized at  2:1 ratio and a display at 6 inches. Other shows that the Pixel XL 2 will have the Edge Sense-alike features from the HTC U11 that provides a new way of interacting with smartphones. Nonetheless, stock Google features such as Google Assistant is expected to be present on the new build.

Unfortunately, we have no idea on its support of wireless charging or water/dust resistant feature. More details to follow.

Source : Android PolicecnBetaAmanz