The new Snapdragon Flight is a drone that comes with autopilot

Qualcomm, which is one of the leader in processor R&D and manufacturing in mobile platform, has always been planning to integrate their System-on-Chip into drones. With the CES 2016 coming in few days, a new teaser video from Qualcomm has show how impressive their new drone – Snapdragon Flight are. 

In the teaser video above, Qualcomm briefly demos their unreleased prototype of Snapdragon Flight. It comes with advanced artificial intelligence that is able to maneuver between different obstacle and reach the desired destination with full autopilot. Multiple cameras are located around the side which serves as obstacle detection and there is one 4K video camera mounted on the front mainly for recording purpose. Qualcomm stated that even when the drone has reached an unknown location without GPS signal, the user is still able to know the location of the Snapdragon Flight drone. Meanwhile, the Snapdragon chipset on the Flight also comes with WiFi, BlueTooth and other LTE connectivity functionality.

The Snapdragon Flight is a collaborative effort between Qualcomm and Yuneec.  More details of the drone will be revealed as Qualcomm will be demoing more in the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show 2016.

Source : cnbeta