The next iPhone on 2020 will be featuring 5G technology powered by Qualcomm

According to Reuters report, the newest analytic data provided by Qualcomm has shown that the estimated delivered 5G smartphone in 2021 could reach 450 million  and 750 million in 2022.

Qualcomm has expressed that with the commercialization in China will result in wide variation of 5G device in different spectrum which allows greater affordability and choices.

As 5G speed is much higher than the current 4G standard, the new 5G smartphone will be able to stream ultra high quality vidoes and low latency gaming with the mobile data. It could even out perform WiFi network in the future.

As for Apple, there will be 3 new iPhone models launching September 2019 and they will be using their own 5G modem. Apple since then resolved the conflict between Qualcomm and most of the 5G modem on the next gen iPhone will be contracted by Qualcomm.