The Snapdragon 820 could still bursting out heat just like the 810’s

The overheating issues of the Snapdragon 810 has become a major concern for flagship production line of all the smartphone manufacturer out there. The Snapdragon 810 has already reported to have significant overheat on the Sony Xperia Z3+, Mi Note Pro and the HTC One M9. Here are some parodies picture of the Snapdragon 810 on HTC One M9

Some of the smartphone manufacturer has slightly downgraded their processor to Snapdragon 808 in order to avoid overheating such as the LG G3. Meanwhile, the latest Galaxy line from Samsung has replaced with it Exynos processor to offer good performance without significant overheats.

A twitter tweet also suggest that the overheating issues still remains on the successor of the SD810 and the Snapdragon 830 could partially solve the overheating issues. Although OnePlus Two was known to use Snapdragon 820 processor, they promises the processor won’t overheat like others. One of the method that OnePlus could be done is by underclocking or limiting the clock rate of the processor, which reduces the power input and thus the reduction of the amount of heat loss.

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