This is BOLDR Voyage; a clever watch

What better way to combine a smartwatch and a traditional watch together? No, not the Moto 360 – as in the real traditional watch face where everything is analogous.

Introducing the Voyage, by BOLDR.

Proprietary smart wearable technology provides phone notifications, an anti-loss function and a remote shutter button for your phone cameraThere is something special about this smartwatch – it has the functions of a smart fitness band, even has some features from smartwatches, and everything is fitted into the body of a traditional watch. Again, everything is analog. There are no touchscreens.

Amazingly enough, BOLDR paired the watch with a CR2032 battery and another 3-year battery for the Quartz watch movement, rendering charging completely unnecessary – and it doesn’t even have a charging port or wireless charging capability. What a watch indeed!

New colours will be released in yearly collections, and never the same designs twice

The BOLDR Voyage can do a couple of things – it tracks your exercise progress through its pedometer, then tells you notifications that you selected through the dedicated app, has anti-loss feature to tell you that your phone is too far away from you, and making use of one of the buttons on the Voyage as a shutter button for the camera.

Impeccable style, the Voyage is inspired by classic aviator watches - yet packed with smart wearable technology

So where can you get one of these babies? Answer is, you can’t – at least not now. The only way to get it is to pledge for their Kickstarter campaign, which they will ship on April 2016! Go and pledge to get one for yourself now!



Kok Kee

Electronics engineering student with the heart of tech. Also the Head Editor from Nasi Lemak Tech!