Three new Maxis Fibre plan launched, lowest from RM149/mo with 300Mbps!

Few days ago, UniFi has launched a 300Mbps connection plan. To catch up in with all the ISP, Maxis also offers a 300Mbps plan with a monthly subscription cost at RM149. Besides, there will be 2x 500Mbps and 800Mbps plan which will be available early next week.

Maxis Home Fiber 300Mbps

The 500 & 800Mbps internet comes with acost at RM219 and RM299 per month. Both plan will come with Mesh WiFi which ensures all parts of your house is fully covered.

In contrast with UniFi 300Mbps plan, Maxis is  slightly cheaper compared to it. However it lacked of HyppTV and you might opt for UniFi if you’re planning to use their service.

This Maxis Fibre plan will be opened for registration next week and you can visit Maxis Showroom to request more information.