Thync is a tiny gadget that change your mind

As wearable, smartphone and other smart wear has gone popular in these days, there isn’t much variation in functionality in those gadget. However, thync is no other smartwear that serves the common purpose. Let’s see whats does Thync do!

Thync uses low-level electrical pulses on the nerves in your head and face and affects your mindset on flight or fight reaction.

Thync comes with 2 modes which is “Energy” and “Calm”. Energy modes keep your mind highly sensitive and focus towards the surrounding environment. This is highly useful in working situation or study which keeps your mind alerted. The “Calm” mode slows down your brain activity and thus allows you to enjoy a moment of restful and calmity environment or get you thinking the right direction.

The Thync is priced at US$299 (RM1124) which includes all the accessories with the module. For those interested, please visit Thync official website for more info!