TM announces UniFi Turbo with 10x faster internet at the same price

TM has become today’s media highlight with their announcement of the UniFi turbo upgrade for free. It is not beyond our surprise as one of the TM insider accidentally leaked out the UniFi upgrade. The increase of network bandwidth will commence from 15th August with the 20Mbps upgraded upgradable to 100Mbps and default 100Mbps can be upgraded to 800Mbps. Watching 4K videos and movies for 5 users at a go will no longer be a problem.

Unifi Turbo 800Mbps


Apart from the UniFI speed boost, TM today also announced a new UniFi Basic starting from RM79 per month to enjoy 30Mbps quota. It comes with a limit of 60GB and can be expanded via purchasing addon quota. It doesn’t comes with UniFi TV nor a landline and opens for registration for family income lesser than RM4500.

It will be open for pre-order from 15th July and available by 15th August.

Streamyx Ke UnifiIf you happened to stuck in the older Streamyx infrastructure while suffering from disconnects and frequent unavailable service, you can enjoy your upgrade to UniFi package if it’s available in your area. For those whose doesn’t has the chance for UniFi coverage, you can still enjoy 2x faster internet than your currently subscribed one when you apply at UniFi website by 15th July.