Top 7 reasons why Huawei Watch GT is worth the price

Being their latest flagship smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT is one of their latest creation which is now available in local market. It boasts with a premium design and clean UI which is highly customizable, while providing real time notifications and sports activity update to the user.

Here’s the top 7 reason why the Huawei Watch GT is worth your money.

The design and its customization


Designing with elegant and premium looking watchface, the Watch GT design closely fitted into business and professionals that enhances one mature and sense of taste. Meanwhile, the Watch GT active is much more suited for sports and fitness minded individual.

  Two weeks standby on battery

The two weeks standby includes 90 minutes of exercise state per week. Thus you no longer requires frequent recharge. Even for a regular use, its battery life could reach up to half a month.

24/7 heart rate & sleep monitoring

强势种草,选择HUAWEI WATCH GT的七大理由

With the added TruSeen 3.0 heart & sleep monitoring components, it can record your daily fitness activity and level non stop for everyday.

Highly customizable watch accessories

强势种草,选择HUAWEI WATCH GT的七大理由

To fit in demands and preference from both sexes, Huawei Watch GT brings in 46mm and 42mm watchface design respectively. Added with CNC worksmanship, it can reflects a wide spectrum of colour.

It is also possible to select watchface that pairs towards each other.

High resolution AMOLED display

强势种草,选择HUAWEI WATCH GT的七大理由


Stating on the display. the Huawei Watch GT offers a high resolution display which attracts attentions and can be visible under sunlight. Besides, a good display also heighten the quality of smartwatch.

Variety of watchfaces all in your selection

强势种草,选择HUAWEI WATCH GT的七大理由

Huawei offers a great variety of watchfaces which suits everyone’s preference. Be it digital or analog, it’s your choice after all.

High quality belt

强势种草,选择HUAWEI WATCH GT的七大理由

Apart from the performance and design, the belt is also one of the attractiveness of a smartwatch. While most smartwatch belt appears dark and dull, Huawei offers a variety of smartwatches belt where you can select based on your preference to customize a smartwatch that truly belong to yours.

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