Touch n’Go app brings e-wallet, RFID and TnG reload at your fingertip

While Alipay has been a long popular mobile payment tool in China, Touch n’Go is our closest resemblance to Malaysian e-wallet over million transaction per week. It is frequently used in toll roads, light mass transit and even cashless payments between merchants. Recently, Touch n’Go has launched their official app on iOS and Android that brings Touch n’Go e-wallet and card reload at one go.

Touch N Go App

The Touch n’Go app can be used for mobile payments (e-wallets) when a goods or service is purchase through vendor that supports Touch n’Go payment solutions. You can even grab movie tickets, pay you bills or pay your next vacation flight ticket with the app too!

To reload your Touch n’Go card, you have to visit your nearest Pick Up Device machine and scan the QR code to reload your card. It is similar on how we reload our card in offline mode but the reload payment is performed within the app.

Future updates will includes RFID feature and iOS and Android users can try it here and here today!

Touch n Go