Touch’N Go terminates supports and sales for Smart Tag OBU 330

For those who lives in the fast lane, a well equipped Smart TAG device along with your Touch’N Go card has been the best companion when you travel along the North and South or just crossing across different parts in KL. However, keep in mind that Touch N Go has discontinues its sales and support for the Smart TAG OBU 330 model which has been in the market for 10 years.


Touch’N Go expressed that most of the parts is no longer under manufacturing and has become obsolete, thus the earlier OBU 330 is no longer supported. However, the functionality remains the same you can use it as long as it’s functional.


If yours encounter hardware problem, the best approach is to wait for them to fix (before 1st July) or to upgrade to a newer hardware.

Source : Touch’n Go

Image Source: Amanz

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