Travel with Uber only at RM0.99!

Good news for those who frequently use Uber ride sharing app! Uber has launched a new promotion for its rider where traveling with Uber in Selangor (less than 4km journey) will be only priced at RM0.99! This is especially good for couples if they are heading to shopping mall where parking space is usually limited during special occasion such as Valentine’s Day and weekends.



From today (13th Feb) to 26th Feb, you can now travel with Uber for just RM0.99. It is only limited to Selangor and KL with journey less than 4km. It doesn’t include pickup from and to KLIA/KLIA2. However, the RM0.99 deal is not applicable during traffic jams.



Meanwhile, Uber will extend this promo period for a week if this post get beyond 1000 shares and 2 week if beyond 2000 shares

Source : Uber, Soyacincau