U Mobile launches “RM0 Phones for Everyone” when you sign up with GX68 plan

U Mobile has recently launched the “RM0 Phones for Everyone” campaign that gives out free Samsung Galaxy A02 whenever you subscribe to Giler Unlimited GX68 plan. The original retail price for Galaxy A02 is at RM399. Contract for the Giler Unlimited GX68 plan is much shorter than others at 1 year interval.

The Samsung Galaxy A02 included in the plan has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and it cost with monthly subscription plan of RM68 per month. U Mobile also offers other higher spec smartphone with discount when you purchase the said plan if Galaxy A02 is not suitable for you. Other model introduced with the plan are the Samsung Galaxy A03s and OPPO A16 which is reduced to a special price at RM199.

U Mobile GX68 offers unlimited mobile data with zero speed restriction and unlimited calls to all network. It also comes with 5GB of hotspot quota and priced at RM68 per month. You can also add another 3GB quota with just RM3.

Interested? You can register this plan through U Mobile branch near you or U Mobile official site.


U Mobile