U Mobile no longer rely on Maxis for its mobile network

With the rising competitiveness of local telecommunication company, it is certainly not easy to start a new company and set up their own network. U Mobile, a much younger Malaysian telco has long relied on Maxis network to deliver information to and from its customer. With the rapid growth of U Mobile users over time, U Mobile has decided that they will be more focus in expanding their network with the additional spectrum of 2x15MHz of 1800MHz bands and 2x5MHz of 900MHz bands that were awarded by the government last year. The additional 1800MHz was made available on 1 April 2017 whilst the 900MHz will be made available on 1 July 2017.

The RAN Share Agreement between Maxis and U Mobile worth several billions were officially signed on 2011 and last for 10 years. U Mobile expect to be able to replace the RAN share sites and to upgrade network experience for users by the end of 2018.



U Mobile