U Mobile shows 5G progress on surveillance, remote surgical operation.

As the 5G summit is still on-going from 18th to 21st April, U Mobile also showcased their 5G progress and application so far. U Mobile has shown that it is possible to utilize 5G network for mass surveillance and it can be applied onto remote surgical operation.

As 5G allows greater bandwidth and mass transfer of file in a shorter span, it is now easier to stream in 4K resolution and even VR games can be enjoyed with no delay. Besides, with the launch of cloud gaming solutions from Nvidia and Google, it is also possible to attain real world low latency gaming on the cloud without relying an expensive machine.

Apart from multimedia enjoyment, 5G can be used onto medical field for remote robotic surgical operation. This is certainly beneficial for rural areas where transportation is a big hassle.

Apart from medical field, it is also possible to apply 5G in intelligence and security services. Such application including CCTV mass surveillance where massive of these footage can be send to a command or security center. As the facial recognition is greatly improved, it is now possible to recognize or even locate suspect identity.

U Mobile now collabs with Razer, ZTE, Sunlife Malaysia for 5G development. ZTE has bring Massive MIMO architecture in KL while Razer and Sunlife Malaysia to bring its respective services in gaming and medical industry.



U Mobile