UberBOAT gives you a ride on the sea as low as RM76

Uber is not a unfamililar term as it has been widely used in the eastern countries when it comes to another definition of public transport. Although there has been alot of negative news received upon their services, Uber is still continue to expand their services in Eastern as well as asian countries. This time, Uber announce that there will be adding boat into part of their services!

The new services is named UberBOAT which departs from Bosphorous, Turkey and it can travel through the Mediterranean to some countries in Europe and  Asia. The pricing starts from 20 to 150 USD (estimated RM 76 to RM567)

The boat used in the UberBOAT belongs to speedboats which has the capacity to fit in 6 to 8 individuals. This isn’t the first time that Uber rolling out this kind of boat rental services as they has started similar business at Boston USA last year. However it was suspended due to season and other internal factors.

Could Uber providing private jet services next time?