UMobile launch Unlimited Hero P139 plan for unlimited calls/ data & 50GB hotspot!

Recently UMobile has launched a new postpaid plan that offers unlimited data, calls and 50GB of monthly hotspot to share with your family or your friends. There will also be 3GB Roam-Onz where you can enjoy data roaming in 12 countries!

The Roam-Onz supported country includes Hong Kong, Australia, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Idonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, Philippines and up to 3GB for free!

U Mobile also has a Roam-Onz Global service that expand its coverage to 36 countries and can be subscribed as an add-on. However, you can enjoy this addon for free when you subscribed to to Unlimited Hero P139 in between today till 29th February 2019.

The Unlimited Hero P139 is now available for sign up from today onward and you can learn more information about this plan by visiting U mobile official site.