UMobile launches 5G prepaid plan starting for RM20 per month, including 30hr 5G and 4G Booster

Earlier today, UMobile has announced that they will be launching the 5G prepaid plan known as U25 and U35. This plans offer as low as RM20 per month for its subscriber to enjoy 5G network in Malaysia.

nother feature of U Mobile’s new U25 and U35 packages is an hour-a-day high-speed data booster. Users can redeem one hour of free high-speed data booster every day through the MyUMobile App to enjoy the fastest internet speed available, applicable to 4G and 5G networks after activation.

Navin Manian, Marketing Director at U Mobile, said: “U Mobile recognises that many of our subscribers are looking forward to the launch of 5G commercial services to enjoy the benefits of this technology. We are therefore delighted to be able to launch our new 5G ready package today. The free 5G ready high speed data booster and unlimited data and voice calls make U25 and U35 the best prepaid plans in the market today. Best of all, the plans start from just RM20 per month. Apart from these plans, our users are more Various rewards are available on the MyUMobile App. U Mobile firmly believes that affordable and accessible communication solutions are the best choice for Malaysians to realize their unlimited potential.”

U Mobile is offering great deals in conjunction with the launch of two new plans. The U25 plan that provides 3 Mbps unlimited data is only at RM20 per month (original price is at RM25), making it the only prepaid plan in the market that provides unlimited data and voice calls. It provides 6 Mbps unlimited data. The U35 plan comes with 3GB free mobile hotspot that costs RM35 per month. Both plans offer unlimited voice calls and are valid for 30 days.

Interested? You can grab the SIM card for just RM10 and it comes with RM6 credit and 1GB high speed data. Click here to learn more.