UniFi Mobile Free SIM with 10GB data extended till 30th April!

For the past few months, TM has been giving away free SIM cards that comes with 10 mins call, 10 SMS, and 50MB basic data along with 10GB complimentary 4G LTE data. Soon after the overwhelming response on the free SIM plan, the complimentary data has been now sized down to 10GB with a restricted 3 cards per user. Good news is, TM has extended the promotion period till the 30th April this year with no charges on the SIM!

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Apart from the extension of promotional period, other perks such as 10GB LTE data, 10SMS and 10 minutes calls remains as usual.

If you are planning to hop on UniFi Mobile as your secondary SIM in a long run, do check out the existing coverage for UniFi Mobile LTE in your area.