Unifi Mobile launches Student Pack with unlimited data, calls & SMS for RM59 per month!

Unifi Mobile has recently launched an all new postpaid plan catered for students. The new plan is known as Student Pack which is only eligible for student studying in universities. The Student Pack offers unlimited data, calls and SMS along with 10GB 4G LTE data hotspot to be used. All of this perk is just for RM58 with the prerequisite as above.


This plan is also can be used when student has returned back to their hometown during semester break. However, the 10GB mobile hotspot is only applicable where there is 4G LTE coverage in the area.

The Unifi Mobile Student Pack is now open for registration. You can apply for it through Unifi Mobile official page. Upon successful registration, the SIM card will be delivered in 1 to 5 working days.