Upgrade to Windows 10 now before you have to pay for USD$119 for upgrade!

Attention all Windows users! If you are still waiting for the last minute upgrade to the Windows 10, its time to do the upgrade now! From 29th July onwards, upgrade of Windows 10 Home Edition from any distro will come at a price tag at RM476 (USD $119) !



While everyone thought that Windows 10 is actually free, Microsoft stated that they are just offering free upgrades of the Windows 10 for a limited period only (for 1 year). Hence, the free Windows upgrade will be terminated from 29th July onwards.



While one might be concern over the privacy issue on the Windows 10, the new distro from Microsoft is actually much more secure than previous edition because of the long term support from the Microsoft developer and its communities. Upgrade now before it is too late!

Source : engadget

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