US to receive HUAWEI embargo which allows HUAWEI to collaborate with US telco for 5G setup

Due to the US-China trade war few months ago, HUAWEI products and services were severely barred into the US market where several US based manufacturer is not allow to supply technology to HUAWEI and vice versa. However, this trade limitation will soon to be lifted and HUAWEI will be able to deploy its technology on US market shortly.

According to Naomi Wilson, senior director of the Information Technology Industry Commission (ITIC) on the reason for the amendment, this new regulation is a response to the concerns of American companies and lawmakers. She said: “The confusion caused by the May 2019 entity list update has inadvertently prevented American companies from participating in some technical standards discussions, leaving them at a strategic disadvantage.”

However, some restrictions still supply such as the prohibition of US technology and software and it is still unsure on the future addition of restrictions towards HUAWEI.