Utilities bill required when you register for a prepaid card

The common procedural registration for a prepaid card of any telco currently requires your name and your identification number and its copy as an authority and authentication and your prepaid will be soon activated in minutes. However, the revised guideline has added a new requirement to the SIM registering procedure where the new subscriber has to present with their original water and electricity utilities bill which proves the residential address.

According to Consumer and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM), the main purpose of verification with utilities bill prevent unauthorized user using stolen credential to register SIM prepaid card for malicious use. As for those expats or student who doesn’t has a valid utilities bill, they will have to present their passport, work address, student card and valid residential address wherever appropriate.

On the other hand, the maximum number of prepaid line per subscriber is now limited to 5 as maximum. This guideline is applicable from 1st of January 2017 and doesn’t affect current subscribers.