vivo announces 120W quickcharge, 13 mins to fully recharge

With their newest advancement in technology, vivo has brought 120W quickcharge to life. And on today, vivo has officially announced the 120W quickcharge on the Shanghai media conference today.

vivo 120W超快闪充亮相:4000mAh仅需13分钟充满

vivo 120W named this vivo SUPER FlashCharge 120W as it comes with the highest power rating delivery at 20V/2A.

vivo 120W超快闪充亮相:4000mAh仅需13分钟充满

Under 120W charging rate, a 4000mAh battery can be charged half in 5 minutes, 13 minutes for a complete charge. vivo has yet to bring the 120W quickcharge into commercial use but we expect more details to be announced on MWC.